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Your Experienced DUI Attorney in Foley & Baldwin County, AL

Trust the expert legal team at Angela L Walker PC to protect your rights and provide you with the personalized attention you need if you are facing DUI charges. I will help you navigate the legal system and understand the details regarding your charges so that the process isn't so overwhelming. You don't have to face your DUI alone. Let me help you get to the other side of things. Contact me today to set up a consultation.

Initial Meeting

The first step in the process of resolving a DUI is an initial meeting at our office where I'll review the charges against you and let you know what I can do to help. I will listen to you, and gather all the information I need to get a good plan together for moving forward.

Legal Strategy

After your initial meeting with us, I will prepare a legal strategy to deal with your DUI charges. Any plan I put in place will take into account the unique details of your particular situation. Once I have a road map, I will handle all the paperwork and represent you throughout the process.

Call Us Today! (251) 970-2575

Good Communication

When you are charged with a DUI it can be a very traumatizing experience. Working through the legal side of things is often a very difficult thing, but I can help you find your way. I pride good communication, so that you understand what is happening throughout the process. I'll answer all your questions, and provide you with frequent updates as to where you are in terms of the resolution of your DUI case.
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